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Print Options

The printers are set up with default configuration options set, but many of these options are changeable by users wishing to print. A common example of this is duplex printing - where the default is set to print on both side of paper to save paper, but this can be optionally turned off.

Advanced printer options are available on:

  • Devices running the UoL Corporate Desktop.
  • Devices running the UoL Cloud Desktop.
  • Devices running Microsoft Windows 7,8 and 10, with the correct print drivers installed.
  • Devices running Mac OS X 10.5+ ,with the correct print drivers installed.

Advanced printer options are not not available when:

  • Printing via IPP for Linux.
  • Printing via email.

Accessing the printer options is different depending on the software being used to print from, but this is usually via a button labelled Print Options, Printer Properties, Printer Settings or similar. The image below shows the current offering in Word 2013.


Not all options described here are available on all MFD's on the university network. This guide serves to explain the options available to the print driver that is used, not a specific device.

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